A couple posts ago I wrote about how I met with a new psychologist for the first time. He basically asked me questions for the whole session, and I’m still thinking about some of them.

He explained to me that both Freud and another famous psychiatrist (I don’t remember who) found that a significantly high number of patients who came in with strong feelings of depression yet had seemingly good lives could not answer what they thought the purpose of life was and they did not find meaning in their work.

So, my psychologist asked me what I think my purpose is in life, why I’m here.

Now, first of all, I’m only twenty-two years old.

Second of all, what a big question. People ask themselves that throughout their lives. Some answer in terms of religion: “To spread the Gospel.” Some answer more lightly: “To have fun!” Some answer with philanthropy: “To help others.”

I’ve always asked myself big questions. I think that most people could be content doing a number of things with their lives. I don’t think there is only one profession I am called to do. In terms of religious or spiritual beliefs, I’m really unsure where I stand on a lot of it, so I really can’t answer from that perspective. But the answer that I’ve come up with in the past is pretty simple.

I answered the doctor: “To love. And to let others love me.”

And he actually gave me a sort of funny look and said, “Okay… well, more specifically than that?”

I said: “I don’t know. A few months ago I had a plan, and now I don’t really have that plan anymore. But I feel confident that there are a lot of different ways to love people, a lot of different things I can do.”

And in my journey towards “learning to live” again, I realized that this is still something that I believe. To love… and to be loved, is really the best you can do in this life. And it’s really not easy either. So many of my actions are motivated by things that are far from it. Heck, I could start a whole different blog called “learning to love” and I’m sure I wouldn’t run out of things to post about.

What do you think your purpose is? Your meaning? Why are you here and what makes you answer the way you do?