Road trips are the best.

I’m writing to you from Brookings, South Dakota. My mom, brother and I left yesterday morning at six a.m. and got here at about three-ish. We really had beautiful weather for our drive, and it’s beautiful outside today as well.

My favorite part about this place is that I have been coming here since I was born. My aunt, uncle, grandma, and cousins (and their kids) live out here. My aunt’s house is really the only place that has remained in my life for my whole life.

There’s not a whole lot to do out here. In fact, my aunt and uncle don’t even live in Brookings- they live a few miles away out in the country. There are miles and miles of flat lands surrounding them filled with crops which I couldn’t tell you the name of. When it’s nice out you can take long walks, but their winter usually lasts even longer than mine in Wisconsin lasts.

The part I was looking forward to the most about this trip, though, was the drive to and from- partly because I really do enjoy long drives, but mostly I was looking forward to the conversations I would have with my mom. Even during the years when I didn’t talk much to my mom at all, we would have great conversations on trips out here. Sure enough, yesterday was no different.

As much as I enjoy the trips out here, though, the best road trip I have ever taken was two summers ago. One of my best friends and I took a road trip out west for a whole month. We drove ten thousand miles during that month, and we camped every night. From the Grand Tetons, to Yellowstone, to the Badlands, to Sequoia, to the Pacific…. and others. It was amazing. You’d think that after a month of sleeping outside and eating granola bars that I would have been ready to go home.. but I honestly would have loved to keep going. I think I literally cried when I crossed back over to the east side of the Mississippi River.

There’s just something about the open road… the open sky… music blasting in my ears, windows down, cigarette in hand…

I do miss the boy though. He’s been amazing.

Well, I should sign off. Hope you all are doing well.