I love working with kids.

I’m sensing sort of a dejavu feeling, so hopefully I haven’t already written a post like this!

I think that children have this different sense of joy that we almost lose as we grow older. My proof? The way that kids just run, jump, and skip around.. giggling furiously for no reason, big grins on their faces. The only adults you see doing that aren’t usually considered sane. Maybe the biggest difference is that kids can have that joy for really no reason… whereas when you see an estatic adult, there’s almost always a reason behind it.

Why is it that we lose that sense of joy? Does society just teach us how to show it in a different way? Or is it lost in the trials of growing up?

Another reason I love working with kids is that I’ve noticed that their love is much more pure. Everyone always talks about a parent’s unconditional love for his or her children… but a child will also love his or her parent unconditionally. It’s amazing. When I worked with kindergarteners, I was really hard on them and I held them to a pretty high standard. Yet I also knew how to be totally weird and goofy with them (one of the reasons that age is so fun is that they still think you’re cool when you act like that!) There were days, however, that I was really stressed out- whether they were stressing me out or things non-work related- and I would sometimes mess up and take it out on them. Yet they never, ever stopped loving me because of that. A child who is horribly abused still loves his/her abusive parent even.

So why is it so hard to love unconditionally as we grow older? Again, is it simply that we grow wise to the ways of the world and see how unconditional love isn’t always very self-preserving?

It’s interesting…