Well… folks,

after five months of not having my own room… I finally do.

Sleeping on the couch was actually a comfort at first… for like the first month I preferred it. Then it became a little annoying… mostly just not having anywhere to put my stuff. Frustrating even.

But my sister moved out on Friday and I started moving my stuff into her old room. It is SUCH a relief, but at the same time so very bittersweet.

It’s like the last chance that I could subconsciously feel like this was just one long weekend at home is finally gone. It’s so final.. unpacking all my stuff. Feels good… but … really sad too. A lot of this stuff I haven’t seen in months and months.

God sometimes it feels like there is so much to grieve. But it’s steadily getting better… and in a sense I’m excited for the future in that it’s so wide open at this point. Even more than before…

I’m starting to realize that sometimes I have more social anxiety than I realized before…

Music.. art.. nature…

sorry for the rambling.