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It’s been a while, friends…

Mostly because of good things. I’ve been busy and that’s good.

I’ve been working third shift which has been really hard, but overall good. I’m also still playing a lot of music with my band and things are going well with my boyfriend too.

So in terms of “functioning” I’ve still been making a lot of progress. I know there won’t be a moment when I feel “better.” I know it’s not as simple as that. At some point though I think I will gradually realize that I have found a bit of peace again.. and passion… Until then I just keep pressing on.

I read an interesting article yesterday about a man from Milwaukee who died just last spring. Parts of his story were strangely similar to mine, but overall our situations are a lot different. He, too, had been largely successful until his early/mid 20’s and then for seemingly no reason just crashed. I struggle with that a lot.. wanting to “recover” but not really being able to say what I am recovering from. It is so hard to find understanding. In a sense it was comforting to see that I’m not the only one…